Did you receive mistreatment or injury due to medical negligence?

Have you been subjected to an injury as a result of medical negligence? Then contact us today!

We have settled significant compensation payments on behalf of patients who have not been given risk assessments prior to operations with consequential consent issues arising.

If you feel your medical treatment has been of a poor quality, we can assist you in obtaining an expert report from our list of experts outside this jurisdiction to assist in advancing your potential claim.

If you feel you have been the victim of medical negligence to include dental negligence, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, cosmetic surgery errors, and pre or post natal complications do not hesitate to contact us for an initial assessment of the potential merits of your case.

There are a wide range of injuries caused by medical negligence including dental negligence, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, cosmetic surgery errors, and birthing injuries to highlight a few.

No, you can pursue a case for medical negligence if the treatment was through the NHS and or a private facility.

In short for most cases, after our initial consultation, we will obtain copies of your medical notes and records from the medical facility that carried out your treatment indicating that you are considering a medical negligence claim.  Once we receive all the necessary medical records we will require these to be commented on by an expert from outside of this jurisdiction.  We will then discuss with you the outcome of the expert’s medical evidence and the next stages of your case.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits such as income support, we will advise you at the initial consultation as to what assistance can be obtained through legal aid.  If you are not in receipt of benefits then the cost of the case may be covered through your home insurance or we can apply for ATE (After The Event) Insurance.

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